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K+S France S.A.S.

K+S France is the French subsidiary of K+S Group with headquarters in Kassel, Germany.

The various mines of the K+S Group worldwide produce Potassium and Magnesium products as well as salt products (Sodium chloride) for agriculture, industry and consumer applications.

K+S France is headquartered in Reims and has 3 production sites in France, each specializing in a particular range of products and services.

K+S France is divided into 3 segments:

The Agriculture segment markets Potassium and Magnesium mineral fertilizers for France and Switzerland. Technical and logistical consulting services complete the offer.
The Wittenheim site's main activity is the granulation of Potassium chloride. A bagging plant and a fertilizer mixer are also located on site.


The consumer segment is responsible for marketing:

  • salt tablets under the AXAL brand, leader in Europe, for water softening, for DIY and Food Superstores, as well as salt tablets under the SOLEA brand for the maintenance of individual swimming pools by electro-chlorination.
  • table and kitchen salt with the historic brand Cérébos, creator of the pourer box more than 100 years ago, now offering a wide range of formats adapted to consumer use as well as sodium-reduced formulas.
  • dishwasher salt in a format popular with consumers and favored by private label brands.

The Dombasle Cérébos site processes and packages table salt and regenerating salts for dishwashers. It has the particularity of manufacturing its pouring tins entirely before filling and palletizing them.


The Industry Segment markets salt and Potassium products for the water treatment, health industry, human and animal food sectors. It also markets salt for snow removal and offers environmental storage services.
The Dombasle Saline site produces industrial salts.

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A historic French brand with a strong transmission power, Cérébos is one of those heritage products that remind us of the memories of our childhood: a century-old reference in the French food landscape, an undying emotional capital. Cérébos offers a wide range of products designed to meet the expectations of consumers.read more (in French)