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K+S France S.A.S.

K+S France is the French holding organization of K+S headquartered in Kassel, Germany. K+S France groups the companies K+S KALI France, K+S KALI Wittenheim, esco france and Saline Cérébos, all companies specializing in a certain range of products and services:

  • K+S KALI France represents potassium and magnesium fertilisers as well as industrial products and products for health care and nutrition, including technical and logistics consulting services.
  • K+S KALI Wittenheim specializes in the granulation of potassium chloride. The plant also has a bagging and mixing unit for fertilisers.
  • esco france and Saline Cérébos are active in the salt business, producing and selling sodium chloride products for a variety of applications, e.g. table salt, feed salt and de-icing salt.
  • K+S Minerals and Agriculture / Waste Management offers environmental services.

KALI Academy launches webinar program

You will find our current webinar offer on plant nutrition and fertilisation here.Register now

EPSO Top® : Professional application information

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A historic French brand with a strong transmission power, Cérébos is one of those heritage products that remind us of the memories of our childhood: a century-old reference in the French food landscape, an undying emotional capital. Cérébos offers a wide range of products designed to meet the expectations of consumers.read more (in French)