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About us

About K+S France S.A.S.

K+S France is the French holding organization of K+S headquartered in Kassel, Germany. K+S France groups the companies K+S KALI France, K+S KALI Wittenheim, esco france and Saline Cérébos, all companies specializing in a certain range of products and services.

About K+S KALI France S.A.S.

K+S KALI France represents potassium and magnesium fertilisers as well as industrial products and products for health care and nutrition, including technical and logistics consulting services.

About K+S KALI Wittenheim S.A.S.

K+S KALI Wittenheim specializes in the granulation of potassium chloride. The plant also has a bagging and mixing unit for fertilisers.

About esco france S.A.S.

esco france is active in the salt market and specializes in the production and marketing of a comprehensive range of products among others for the agricultural and food-processing industries, for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for the areas of water treatment and road services.

About Saline Cérébos S.A.S.

The company Saline Cérébos specializes in the treatment and packaging of table salts and regenerating salts for dishwashers. One of its particularities is to manufacture its cans directly before filling and palletizing them. The marketing and selling of all Cérébos products is carried out by esco france.

About K+S

K+S considers itself as a customer-focused, independent minerals company for the segments of Agriculture, Industry, Consumers and Communities and wants to grow the EBITDA to € 3 billion in 2030. Our over 14,000 employees enable farmers to provide nutrition for the world, provide solutions that keep industries going, improve daily life for consumers and provide safety in the winter. We continually meet the growing demand for mineral products from production sites in Europe, North and South America as well as a worldwide sales network. We strive for sustainability because we are deeply committed to our responsibilities to people, environment, communities and economy of the regions in which we operate. Learn more about K+S at www.kpluss.com.